Your Toronto Long and Short Term Guest Accommodations
Luxury Amenities for our Guests
In addition to fine cotton linens, down comforters and pillows, central air conditioning and ceiling fans, you're invited to take advantage of our fully equipped workout room which includes a variety of free weights, a universal gym and more.

Then steam the tension right out of you in our steam sauna! Perfect after a work out or a long day.

A Look Inside: About Dundonald House

Dundonald House, 35 Dundonald Street, Toronto, now graces a portion of an historical land plot extending west to Yonge Street from the Community Centre at 519 Church Street. Originally all that acreage was owned by one man, Mr. Donald Mackay (1813-1909) president of Gordon, Mackay & Co., Wholesale and Dry Goods, Haberdashery and Woolens.

In 1900 Mackay's business was located at the corner of Front and Bay street, but his private residence was situated on property now the site of Dundonald House. A century ago, Mackay's home address was 591 Yonge Street since Dundonald Street, which connects current-day Church and Yonge Streets, had not yet been built.

Mackay christened his family mansion "Dundonald," a combination of "dun" from Scots and Irish Gaelic meaning "castle," and his first name, thus "Castle Donald." Dundonald House, though now thoroughly modernized, still retains much of Castle Donald's original--and historical--identity.

Welcome Home!
Once through the foyer, we often find our guests sitting in the living room around the fireplace sharing their Toronto experiences with us and other guests.

Coffee Tea or a small pastry, the Breakfast Nook is a good place to plan your day. There are maps of Toronto, plenty of pamphlets on things to do and where to go in the city.